We understand that time is your most valuable resource.

Your financial plan requires a holistic approach, including intangible aspects such as emotional and spiritual issues. While most other wealth firms focus on high-net-worth, our ideal client additionally has a philanthropic disposition.


Combining our professional and personal life experiences, we offer our clients the compassion of a counselor, the sharpness of a coach, and the tenacity of an entrepreneur, along with the expertise of a seasoned financial professional.



The foundation of our practice and the cornerstone from which our strategies are designed.

Our team of professionals will design a wealth plan that evaluates your current financial situation by analyzing your income and expenditures to identify how you will pay the bills each month and attain your financial goals. We provide regular reviews and modifications, assuring that your wealth plan is current and dynamic.


Helping clients achieve their goals by helping navigate the pre/post-retirement decisions we all face.

Our team of professionals will design a retirement plan that evaluates your current financial situation by analyzing your income, savings, and expenditures to identify a path to a successful retirement plan. We provide regular reviews and modifications, assuring that your retirement plan is current and dynamic.

Your retirement plan matters. If done right, it can prepare you to enjoy retirement without financial worry. Done wrong or not done at all and you may find yourself in a less comfortable situation.

Bauerle Financial offers a variety of services and free resources to help you retire comfortably.


We are not CPA’s, which is good. Our goal is for our clients to pay the least amount of tax possible in their lifetime, not just per year.

It’s not impossible to build long-term wealth without paying attention to taxes. But taxes can be considered a filter on how much wealth you accumulate. The amount of wealth that gets filtered away is a direct reflection of how tax-efficient your finances are.

If you find yourself wondering why your tax advice and financial advice are disjointed, you’re not alone. And truth be told, it probably isn’t your accountant’s job to start giving you investment advice, particularly if they are not licensed to do so.


We work with our clients and their other advisors to ensure that all recommended estate items are current and complete.

Our estate planners believe that you are the focus of the estate plan. First, we conduct an in-depth interview to discover what is important to you and what you are trying to accomplish. This is the foundation of estate management. Once our estate planners have reviewed all your information, we discuss your overall existing plan and then offer planning and analysis recommendations.


Our business has been family-owned and operated for 30 years.

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