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Some experts are predicting an economic boom after a short bear market as a result of COVID-19. Are you prepared to capitalize?

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The Tides Are Changing.

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According to JPMorgan Chase, a stock market upturn may be approaching.

A stock market upturn is when the market turns from a bear market to a bull market. In technical terms, the stock market enters a bear market whenever stock prices have fallen over 20% from their recent peaks. A bull market, on the other hand, is when stock prices rise by at least 20%.  Do you have the funds to invest now while prices are low? Do you have a winning strategy to ensure maximum returns? Your plan of attack should vary depending on the state of the market. Let us help formulate a plan to make the most of your wealth in any type of market.

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Bauerle Financial reviewed my RothIRA and helped me feel secure about a strategy for my retirement planning. Both Todd and Taylor are awesome, honest, and trustworthy people that I would recommend to anyone!



Preparation that meets the unique needs of our clients.

We believe that financial advising requires a holistic approach, including intangible aspects such as emotional and spiritual issues. While most other wealth firms focus on high-net-worth, our ideal client additionally has a philanthropic disposition.


Combining our professional and personal life experiences, we offer our clients the compassion of a counselor, the sharpness of a coach, and the tenacity of an entrepreneur, along with the expertise of a seasoned financial professional.